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2014 Incentive Travel Trends.

Posted by: rnunez on: February 26, 2014

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1.) The uses of Social Media to attract, inform, connect & maintain groups and people. A straightforward and easily accessible medium thanks to ever-smarter smartphones. Be sure to have an active and interesting Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram etc.

2.) Technological attractiveness. A bit of a tongue twister but being technologically up to date is key to traveler’s now-a-days, especially incentive group travelers. They might be out of the office but the office is never truly that far away. Being able to offer WIFI on offsite incentive events is one very attractive point that will make you the meeting and event planner to beat.

3.) The charitable gene has been growing in peoples consciousness more and more, and usually todays companies have foundations of their own or charities they support, thus their employees are used to donations, fundraisers etc. Corporate responsibility has now become part of companies DMC selection process. It’s nice to be given the option to help out, especially when you are in a foreign country. And you can feel good about knowing that your meeting planner has a charitable side to it as well.

4.) Think of families. More and more we are seeing young career professionals wanting to take their families along and companies are cooperating. Enough time is spent in the office, so an incentive trip is the perfect way to show your employees and their families how much you value their time and work. Family friendly packages and children’s activities are recommended.

5.) Thanks to the rise in the “green” movement, more and more companies are looking at wellness and sustainable tourism. According to the Incentive Research Foundation, 62% of people surveyed were looking to integrate or had already integrated wellness to their daily lives. As part of wellness, food is included. Offering local and/or organic foods, local culinary experiences as well as health driven activities such as yoga and meditation is an easy way to attract new clients.

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