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What is a Meeting Planner?

Posted by: rnunez on: February 26, 2014

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According to the travel industry dictionary, a meeting planner is “a person who specializes in the planning and organization of conventions and other business meetings”. A short but accurate description of what a meeting planner is and does, however details are important, and in today’s globalized, inter-connected world, a meeting planner is and does much more than that.

Imagine being responsible for the organization, planning and execution of dozens of meetings, conferences and major events throughout the year. Handling all aspects of the events logistics and ensuring a working and courteous relationship with the customer all while aspiring for the best customer care possible. Not as simple as the short definition above-mentioned right?

With that being said, a meeting planner should also be fully knowledgeable about the destination where the meetings or conventions are being held. A good grasp about the place where the meeting is taking place speaks highly about the meeting planner since so much about the profession is about public relations and customer care. Since you are entrusting this person with your important event, we believe in setting the bar high.

Things to look for:

  • An experienced and certified company.
  • A company with a complete working list of conference vendors.
  • A team with the knowledge on the latest meeting and conference news, technologies, methodologies and requirements.
  • Preferably, a company that can offer different kinds of services in-house, especially when abroad. This speaks to its capability for success.
  • A proven & successful multitasker and problem solver.

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