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Why and how to choose a Destination Management Company, DMC

Posted by: rnunez on: February 26, 2014

A Site Global recent publication stated that studies confirm that business travel is essential for successful business practices. According to these studies every dollar spent on business travel, returns an average of $12.50 in increased revenue and $3.80 in new profits for the travelling company. Moreover, incentive travel also is an optimal way to acquire new customers. On average, companies experience a 5% growth thanks to incentive travel not to mention the boost in productivity and employee overall health and satisfaction.

Once you choose to embark on the exciting world of incentive travel, a DMC is highly recommended. An organization fully knowledgeable on the area you will travel to, with the resources necessary to ensure a smooth and successful incentive travel experience. That takes care of the why; on to the how.

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How to choose the right DMC?

We believe that the best DMC’s should offer exceptional service in these three main areas: local destination know-how, the overall scope of services and experience they can provide and customer service & relations.

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Local familiarity is key to planning a successful event. The more knowledge about the area and local recognition a DMC has, the better the event will be as no group is the same and each have their own very specific needs.
This important area is directly associated with the range of services the DMC is able to offer. We believe in offering all of the services your group requires. Other’s might specialize in specific areas of your itinerary, but in-house services always make for smoother and better flowing travel and event planning.

Last but certainly not the least is customer service and relations. It is in our experience that excellent customer service is a direct result of both areas above mentioned; local know-how and scope of services. Once an organization is able to offer proven industry travel experience and a wide range of services you can be certain that they have standed the test of time and have grown to be recognized thanks in partly to great customer service. Especially when their portfolio features repeat customers and long-term affiliations to internationally recognized DMC & conference organizations. This isn’t to say that many other details are needed for superb destination management services, but most of them stem out of these 3 main areas. So, when choosing your Destination Management Company keep these important factors in mind.

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