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Los Cabos International Convention Center

Posted by: Terramar Destinations on: March 6, 2014

The need for large, well-equipped, well-maintained and esthetically appealing venues has been and will remain at the center of successful global business practices. Conferences, expos and large events are at the center of this need since not only are these events great for a companies exposure and image making it a marketing tool as well as a public image tool, but as the world becomes further globalized, the interconnections between companies and countries means growing international investment. Thus, not only has the amount of conferences risen over the past few decades, but more and more countries and their destinations are jumping on-board the wagon and building complexes fit for these large events.

A prime example of this is Los Cabos and its newly constructed Convention Center built for the G2O Global Leaders Summit held in June 2012 and to appeal to the international and national convention market. We do realize that we might sound somewhat biased since we are headquartered in Cabo, but in all honesty this structure is one of the most modern and efficient buildings in Mexico set in a world-class destination.

A “green” building envisioned and executed by renowned Mexican Architect Fernando Romero and built to meet international sustainable building standards. Visitors are greeted by the longest green wall in the world running along the buildings frontal façade. The facility has 56,000 square feet of meeting and

Function space and the ability to accommodate up to 5,000 people for meetings

and expositions and 3,000 banquet style. It also boasts ample lobby space, 3 exposition areas, 5 exhibit halls, business center, mezzanine, service area, loading area, parking lot with 567 spaces and outdoor garden areas. It operates via sustainable technology using solar power and water recycling systems making it one of the most modern infrastructures in Baja.

Furthermore, it is conveniently located 10 minutes from the Los Cabos

International Airport and 5 minutes from more than 10 hotels in Los Cabos, which means quick transfers to and from and a wide range of near by resorts to choose from. Did we mention its proximity to many of Cabo’s world-renowned golf courses and it’s beaches on the Sea of Cortes?

Offering every service you would come to expect from any world-class convention center or large events venue, ranging from food and beverage, audio visual, box office, event production, internet, mobile food carts and bars, security etc. The CICC (Cabo International Convention Center) should be at the top of everyone’s list.