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Los Cabos Ironman 2014

Posted by: Terramar Destinations on: March 27, 2014





When Los Cabos was first chosen as an Ironman destination in 2012, we couldn’t have been more excited. Today, after having the first one held in 2013 and the normal first-timer nerves have gone and have been replaced with experience and even more excitement, the time has once again arrived. The date, Sunday March 30th at 6:50 am in Palmilla Beach for the kick-off to the 2014 Ford Los Cabos Ironman and the most exciting part of the triathlon event, the 3.8 km swim (1 lap) in the crystal-clear water of the Sea of Cortes.


Los Cabos Ironman

This year we have been chosen to actively participate in this international sporting event, bringing huge exposure to Cabo by sponsoring a well-known and beloved local athlete who is not only passionate about the sport, but also passionate about life and has a story that will inspire many.

Miriam Ramirez, a single mother raising 3 children and a native of Leon, in the state of Guanajuato. If you’re not sure where this is, it is the home state of the magical city of San Miguel de Allende. Even though she has only been living in Los Cabos for a mere 4 years, she considers herself a “Cabena” and says she would never ever consider going back to Leon. “Why would I? We live in paradise!” We couldn’t agree more. Miriam always dreamt of becoming a professional cyclist. She began hitting the bikes from an early age back in Leon and has always been an avid sportsman. She also began training with a former Ironman athlete who planted the Ironman seed. But it wasn’t until her bosses at work in Cabo, encouraged her and paid her entry fee for the first ever Ironman Los Cabos triathlon that she realized she needed to learn how to swim.

Terramar Ironman Cabo

This is where the story becomes very inspirational. Miriam old us that every day, for 3 months she would watch videos and slowly began forcing herself in to a friends pool, constantly battling her fear of drowning, ultimately ending up swimming in the ocean on her own! Mind you, she did this only 3 months before the actual competition and still managed to finish within the first 400 participants. A year and lots and lots of training later, swimming is still not her forte. She told us it is the part she likes less and thus only dedicates about two to three days out of the week to training, but you can be certain she has a better swimming technique and is much faster than last year.

Cabo Ironman Terramar

 Ironman Cabo Terramar

She does however bike and run every single day for hours and kilometers on end. She wakes up around 5:30 am every day and begins the grueling training that an Ironman demands. Then she heads to work all day and when she comes home, looks after her kids for a little while and then heads out for a few more hours of training. She told us that she realizes her intense training is hard on her kids, thus she dedicates one-half afternoon a week to each of her children. Luckily she says, they are more than proud of their mother and are her number one supporters. There are no off-days in training Miriam says. “During an Ironman you push your body to the limit, so your training must be equally as intense”.

Terramar Ironman Cabo

For Miriam, being a triathlete is more than just being an ultimate sportsman; it is the time in her day and in her life where she feels more at peace. A place and time that has allowed her to find herself and where she has realized her true potential in life. When she trains it is when she is the happiest and the time where she can meditate and truly appreciate what life has given her. Furthermore, she says that it is being a triathlete, which has shown her to do everything with passion since you never know what tomorrow will bring. We applaud Miriam, her tenacity, passion and strength and couldn’t be prouder to support a local Mexican athlete that is a true inspiration.

Good Luck Miriam from all of us at Terramar Destinations!