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Day of the Deaths: The essence of the life beyond the death…

Posted by: Tania Martinez on: November 1, 2016

Day of the Deaths

The essence of the life beyond the death…              

Mexico has unique spirit; every destination in Mexico has a magic essence. From the top Los Cabos crossing all country until Cancun.

Mexico has a rich culture, but one of the must outstanding traditions is “Day of the Deaths” or in Spanish Dia de Muertos.

The Day of the Deaths 1 and 2 November, is a reserved date between the living people and the love ones who died.

In Mexico, we remember and honor our deceased loved ones. It’s a celebratory and colorful holiday, full of flowers, food and music, we remember those who have passed on.

We visit cemeteries, decorate the graves, also we decorate our homes with altars to welcome the spirits.

The belief of Day of the Deaths, says that the spirits of children arrive on 1 November spend an entire day with their families and then leave. Adults come the day after on 2 November.

Did you know that Day of the Deaths celebration was recognized by UNESCO as part of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity in 2008?

This holiday is an excellent time to visit Mexico and the principal destinations, like Los Cabos and Cancun, you will be part of these special celebrations.

But how started this amazing tradition?

All the Pre-Hispanic cultures believed in the life after the death; and there was great emphasis on maintaining ties with deceased ancestors, who were believed to continue to exist on a different plane.

With the arrival of the Catholicism, All Souls’ and All Saints’ Day practices were incorporated into Pre-Hispanic beliefs and customs and the holiday came to be celebrated as we know it today.

What about the Offerings

The spirits are received with special foods that they enjoyed when they were alive.

It is believed that the spirits consume the essence and the aroma of the foods that are offered. When the spirits depart, the living consume the food and share it with their family and friends.

The offerings contain some special flowers named cempasuchil, (it is a hard name to pronounce even for the Mexicans) this is a beautiful flower with a brilliant yellow color and lend a special fragrance.

Another important element in the offering is the sugar skulls, this candy has the person’s name inscribed on the top, cannot miss the Dead bread, it is a special sugar bread made for the season.

You cannot miss the chance to visit Mexico in this time of the year.



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