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5 Travel Incentive Tips

Posted by: Tania Martinez on: November 21, 2016

Is never easy select a destination for an incentive trip. This 5 Travel Incentive Tips will help you to  focus on your customer.

Travel award. The simple fact to be awarded a travel brings a happiness to anybody; this is an advantage, works as motivation for the people, help to close sales or uniting departments.

Keep in mind the destination is going to be the scenery where the company, the vision, and goals converge in one message.

The success of the trip is not only about a budget is the about how is done, how the message is given.

Destination Character

Each destination has their own personality.  Some destinations are full or history, other are ¨Chic¨ surrounded by innovation and technology. Be sure to know what the message of the company wants to give.


Less is more. Think how much will be the time spent to arrive at the destination. A trip to takes so long could be painful and annoying.

Add Value

Each destination, the weather, for example, Los Cabos has 350 sunny days a year, Cancun and Riviera Maya, all the history that surround this glorious places, or even if is there some festival, or date important in the destination.

This will give you a plus, to arrange an activity to take advantage or to take the precautions to be needed.

Destination Experts

You need to become one or get in touch to one expert there. Before to propose a place, you need to evaluate all the thing to do in the destinations, the places to go, the food, the wheatear.

It is all about details

You need to provide the right blend of experience, creativity to provide a memorable event.

The destination does not have to be the more exotic, of even the most expensive, must have all the medical services near, easy way to transporting and had something unique.

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