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The 3 best places to receive The New Year`s Eve in Mexico

Posted by: Tania Martinez on: December 28, 2016

The New Year`s Eve is around the corner. New Year’s is once a year, it’s worth to be memorable. Are you in Mexico, where’s the best place to be when the clock strikes midnight on December 31?

Here, we want to share with you The 5 best places to receive The New Year`s Eve in Mexico

In Mexico the Christmas is considered a family event but the New Year’s Eve is much more a time to party and go out with friends.


Cancun is on top of the preferred places to be in New Year`s Eve. The reason? All the beaches, the weather, and the one of a kind party.

If you wish something unique to spend the New Year’s Cancun is the place is your dreamed place!

Once the sun goes down, you can experience an impressive parade of people, and parties everywhere.

Cancun has the top-level nightclubs, Mandala, famous for celebrates till sunlight -specially on New Year`s Eve; Dady’O, the spot where champagne bottles pop all night; or La Vaquita, Avenue where the fun and you will be the same.

All the Hotel Zone is full of visitors from all over the place!




Playa Del Carmen

Playa Del Carmen is unbeatable location places to receive The New Year`s Eve in Mexico; the most beautiful beaches of Caribbean, nature parks, reefs and hotels and the party.

We really need to explain? Playa Del Carmen is the synonym of party, is no other place in Mexico as Playa del Carmen to be in The New Year`s Eve, tourist from all over the world come to this international party.

All you need to do is get close to Quinta Avenida and you’ll be instantly filled with the excitement that permeates the atmosphere and the people all is an immense party; the main idea is to have fun. All the streets full of people dancing around, singing, having a great time.


Playa del Carmen

Once the countdown ends and you welcome in the New Year, champagne bottles are uncorked, this is when the night truly fireworks fly, begins, never mind the fact that you’ve already been celebrating for hours.

Playa del Carmen Is unique

This is the schedule for the New Year`s Eve

playa del carmen agenda 2017

Playa del Carmen Schedule


Los Cabos

The skies come alive in the evening of the 31 th of December. If you’re lucky to be in Los Cabos during The New Year`s Eve exist a thousand options for you, the best restaurants, discos be offering some kind of New Year celebration. But one of the places to visit is Medano Beach.

Medano beach is on top.  Is one of the favorite’s beaches it has two miles of sand bounded by restaurants, shops, bars and seaside luxury resorts.  Is Accessible from the Marina boardwalk or Paseo de la Marina in Cabo San Lucas.

You will find food drinks and music, plus, you’ll get a great view of the fireworks that start shooting through the night!

New Years Eve Medano Beach

New Years Eve Medano Beach


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