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Whale Watching In Los Cabos

Posted by: Tania Martinez on: January 2, 2017

Whale Watching Experience in Los Cabos. Imagine when the Sun start to come out, the colors of the sunrise little by little appears the first sun rays over the sea, an incredible landscape in front of your eyes. A big silhouette starts to draw; is a Whale. The Adventure begins in Los Cabos.

How is possible the Whale Watching in Los Cabos? The coast of Mexico is the scenery of one of the most incredible migrations de animal kingdom: The Whale season in Los Cabos.

whale tale


The migration of gray whales starts in Alaska through Baja California Mexico. The whales swim day and night without stopping for 2 months until traveling 8,000 km to Mexico. They travel through dark and turbid waters, using a primitive system of echolocation such as submarines.

The female’s whales begin the journey; whales close to being mothers are the first to arrive Los Cabos, followed by immature and receptive females. Later adult and young males are presented, which are the last to appear.

The number of individuals increases between January and March. This is the perfect time to be eyewitness of the most incredible natural spectacles: Tour Whale Watching!  Is one of the most popular tours in Los Cabos. Experience the beauty and awe-inspiring marine wildlife of the Mexican Pacific.

At the end of the winter, the whales return home to the polar lands when their calf have learned to swim, the mother whales offers protection and food, which is why they are the last to leave to complete their migratory cycle.

You cannot miss the chance to be face to face with these amazing creatures, come to Los Cabos and get close to the Whales.

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