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Panama is the connection with the world

Posted by: Tania Martinez on: February 1, 2017

Panama is the connection with the world a destination to discover

Location & Infrastructure

Panama has a strategic location, is located in the center of the Latin America. Is well-connected area, and this is one of the key advantages of doing business. Everybody is Welcome here, all the doors all open to the visitors.

This country has an important tourist infrastructure. The airport provides the infrastructure for an array of other services because of multiple connections to all the Americas and Europe.

These alliances help to the development of the country as a regional corporate headquarters for multinational corporations.

Many US cities have directs flights to Panama: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Orlando, Washington DC, Atlanta, Miami, Houston Dallas, Las Vegas, New Orleans, San Francisco.

Panama has an extensive network of double taxation treaties for a number of key markets. The country is a signatory to some 50 bilateral investment protection agreements, among them China, India and the USA.

Panama City is a beauty city surrounded by the picturesque Bay, this City is fun and cosmopolitan, with modern infrastructure, first class hotels, restaurants, world- class shopping and amazing nightlife.


Panama City


Is the region`s safest country for tourists and businessmen. Did you know that Panama is the fifth least expensive capital of the world?

The Balboa is along with the United States dollar, one of the official currencies of Panama.  You no need to exchange money to determine your bill totals.

This country is the business center of the Americas and the center of a region of emerging economies.

Is you are looking the cosmopolitan breeze and infrastructure, this destination is the best option for you.

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