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Is time to Carnivals! Panama, Cancun and Playa del Carmen

Posted by: Tania Martinez on: February 27, 2017

Carnaval cancun

 Cancun Carnaval

Is time to Carnivals!  Panama, Cancun and Playa del Carmen are on! We live the Carnival party during this season! Here three destinations where original festivities take place!  22nd  to 28th February

First, where does the word carnival come from?

The etymology of carnival: from the Latin vulgar carnemlevare, which means ‘to abandon the flesh’.

The carnival is a celebration that takes place immediately before Christian Lent (which begins on Ash Wednesday) and has a variable date (between February and March depending on the year).

The carnival combines elements such as costumes, parades, and parties on the street and is a Period where to enjoy and dance is allowed; Attendees wear costumes and wear masks.

Here the destinations where we can leave the meat …

Panama Carnival 

The Carnivals of Panama, also denominated parties of the King Momo, are celebrated by four consecutive days. This holiday in Panama ends on Tuesday night with the funeral of the sardine.

In the capital you can enjoy in the mornings the “mojaderas” “culecos” that cool the tropical heat; In the afternoons the parades and stops with “Queens” of extravagant and luxurious disguises in allegorical floats, accompanied by comparsas. In the evenings the popular dances in public places and avenues culminate a day full of festive activities. The hours of rest are few because as soon as the sun warms the party starts again. #VisitPanama #UnPaisEnFiesta #Panama#Carnaval #PTY


Panama Carnival

Cancun Carnival

During the month of February begins the carnival season of the region. Merida, Campeche, Cozumel, Isla Mujeres, and Cancun are filled with color in a party full of musical, cultural, artisan and gastronomic events.

In Cancun, various sectors of society in coordination with the local council participate with the presentation of colorful caravans that cover the main avenues of the city and in the contest to select the ugly queen and king of the carnival.

Caribbean music concerts are organized with national and local artists, with typical food stalls, drinks, souvenirs, and a large fair full of light and color.

This celebration is one of the most important and recognized in the Caribbean. #CancunCarnaval #VisitMexico


cancun carnival

Cancun carnival

Playa del Carmen Carnival

Playa del Carmen is today one of the most glamorous places in the Mexican Caribbean. “Playa”, is located in the heart of the Riviera Maya and brings together the best restaurants, shops, and nightclubs.

What better time to let yourself be enveloped by the Caribbean atmosphere? What the carnival of Playa del Carmen.

The streets are dressed in color, parades are held on the main avenues.

Definitely an experience you have to live. #PlayadelCarmenCarnaval #VisitMexico

playa del carmen carnival

playa del Carmen Carnival



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