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Cancun and Riviera Maya Land of Cenotes

Posted by: Tania Martinez on: June 9, 2017

Cancun and Riviera Maya Land of Cenotes, they are the most beautiful wonders in Quintana Roo.

The cenotes are a treasure of nature; a unique sightseeing will be discovered in front of your eyes.



Cenotes are the door to another dimension; the underworld waits for you. A whole new world will be revealed …

The word Cenote or Dz’onot is a Mayan word that it means “cave with water”.

For the Mayans, they were a source of life and ritual places.

They were part of the underworld or Xibalba, so they used them as natural funeral chambers.

Cenotes have their origin millions of years ago during the last Ice Age when the Yucatan Peninsula was covered by seawater.

The cenotes are water deposits of great depth, filled with the filtration of water from underground rivers and streams.

They formed like underground chamber when the level decreased, a coral reef barrier was exposed and formed a base of limestone. Once the limestone rock is dissolved by rainwater they appear.

The cavity gets bigger until it gets exposed to the surface when the roof collapses.

In other words, a cenote is a creation of nature that in a few words houses crystal clear water, these beautiful scenarios are perfect for snorkeling and diving.

Cancun and Riviera Maya are full of cenotes.  They are located alongside the Cancun-Tulum highway

Some of them look like caves or cavern ones, others are open ones, and semi-open and ancient cenote.


The closed one or Cavern Cenotes  

This is the favorites, this type of cenote are the most enigmatic, these cenotes hide their surface inside a cave.

This type of cenotes can extend several miles below the earth, and some of them are connected to the sea. 

Cenote - Cavern



Semi-Open Cenote

Looks like a window to beyond the border, lush vegetation and tall trees frame the beauty the cenote.

It has underwater gardens and is home to diverse aquatic fauna.


semi-open cenote


Open Cenote

This type of cenote has a cylindrical shape characterizes them. Open cenotes stand out for the spectacular flora of their high walls.

One of the most famous open cenotes is the Sacred Cenote in Chichen Itza, this cenote used to be for the offerings. Many pre-Hispanic artifacts have found in its bottom.


cenote Ik kill

Cenote Ik kill


Ancient Cenote

The old cenotes are totally exposed to the surface once of the roof of a cave totally collapses, they can be reached at first sight.

This type offers a unique oasis in the middle of the jungle.


Ancient Cenote

Ancient Cenote

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