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Blue Flag in Mexico

Posted by: Tania Martinez on: November 14, 2016

Do you know the importance of being blue? What’s the meaning of Blue Flag?

Around the world exist so many people, and organizations working hard to maintain, protect and do the planet a better place to live for all the species.

And The distinctive Blue Flag is a great example of this effort.

The Blue Flag is a global recognition awarded by Foundation for Environmental Education to beaches and marinas that meet criteria of quality, safety, environmental education and information.

The FEE operates from Denmark since 1981, and it does the rest of the world through a network of non-profit organizations. In Mexico, since 2012, the operator of this organization is Pronatura, an environmental organization whose mission is to conserve ecosystems.

What is needed for the blue flag award?

For the beaches, exist 33 different criteria grouped into the following 4 categories:

Water quality:

It is very important to maintain the High standards in water quality, does not allow behaviors that contaminate the water as industrial or other polluting landfills, special care to coral reefs and practices wastewater treatment.

Management and Environmental Management:

It should exist a management committee Beach Blue Flag, to be in a charge to the development plan, laws, and regulations; also, to provide the infrastructure for garbage collection, health adequate and clean, and promote the use of sustainable means of transport.

Security and Services:

The beaches awarded with Blue Flag should have staff and suitable for visitor safety, signaling equipment, and emergency plans, as well as access and inclusive spaces for people with disabilities.

Environmental information and education:

It is considered that the public has the water quality of the beach, information about the Blue Flag program, a code of conduct, among others.



Map of Mexico beaches

Map of Mexico´s beaches Blue Flag awarded.



Proudly 26 Mexico´s  beaches and 1 Marina awarded with Blue Flag:

  • Playa El Chileno, Baja California Sur
  • Palmillas, Baja California Sur
  • Santa María, Baja California Sur
  • El Coromuel, Baja California Sur
  • Nuevo Vallarta Norte, Nayarit
  • Marina Riviera Nayarit
  • Laguna de Santa María del Oro, Nayarit
  • Camarones, Jalisco
  • Palmares, Jalisco
  • Playa de Oro, Jalisco
  • Icacos, Guerrero
  • El Palmar I, Guerrero
  • El Palmar II, Guerrero
  • Playa Revolcadero, Guerrero
  • El Revolcadero II, Guerrero
  • Icacos II, Guerrero
  • Chahué, Oaxaca
  • Chac Mool, Quintana Roo
  • Delfines, Quintana Roo
  • Las Perlas, Quintana Roo
  • Marlín, Quintana Roo
  • Playa Ballenas, Quintana Roo
  • Playa del Niño, Quintana Roo
  • Balneario municipal de Bacalar, Quintana Roo
  • Playa Centro, Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo
  • Playa Coral, Quintana Roo
  • El Tortuguero, Veracruz

Enjoy them, and the most important, keep this beautiful beaches clean.

Be on Los Cabos, 5 Things to do

Posted by: Tania Martinez on: November 7, 2016

Thanks to the amazing nature of Baja California, makes it the perfect place to be on vacations.  The best Things to do in Los Cabos

In Los Cabos, you will be able to experience the best CaboTours scuba diving, whale watching, fishing, is a destination full of adrenaline.

The fun is guaranteed in Los Cabos tours. Los Cabos destinations give a warm welcome with 26°C – 78 F°, is like the first day of summer.

This weather is perfect, is not too warm, is not too cold. You will feel the breeze around you!  And you have so many options for things to do in Cabo.

1. The Arch

Is the spot to take the best picture of your vacations. This is the tour! Is doesn´t exist another tour like this.

  • Catamaran & snorkeling https:/
  • Sunset Cruise to the Arch https:/
The Arch, Los Cabos

The Arch, Los Cabos

2. Wild Cabo

If you love the adrenaline and outdoor experience this is the best option. With this tour in Los Cabos, you will discover the wild side of Cabo this Day Pass in Cabo.

Choose your three main activities now at the established times and schedule the Bungee Bombers, Monster Ziplines, ATV´s, Sling Swinger, Kingdom, or Camel Quest.https:/

Monster Ziplines, Wild Canyon

Monster Ziplines, Wild Canyon




3. Swim with Dolphins

Dare to be face to face with these adorable animals. Is one of the most popular things to do in Los Cabos. Get closer and swim with dolphins.

Swim with dolphins

Swim with dolphins


4. Fishing 

Deep sea fishing in Los Cabos is a tour not to be missed! Is one of the funniest things to do in Los Cabos, highly recommended for families and friends.

Fishing Los Cabos

Fishing Los Cabos



5. Todos Santos

Todos Santos is surrounded by the great landscape and incredible energy. It has great attractions to offer like art galleries, perfect dining, beaches. Visit one of the Mexico´s magic towns.


Hotel California, Todos Santos

Hotel California, Todos Santos

Todos Santos

Church, Todos Santos













There´s countless things to do in Los Cabos.


Day of the Deaths: The essence of the life beyond the death…

Posted by: Tania Martinez on: November 1, 2016

Day of the Deaths

The essence of the life beyond the death…              

Mexico has unique spirit; every destination in Mexico has a magic essence. From the top Los Cabos crossing all country until Cancun.

Mexico has a rich culture, but one of the must outstanding traditions is “Day of the Deaths” or in Spanish Dia de Muertos.

The Day of the Deaths 1 and 2 November, is a reserved date between the living people and the love ones who died.

In Mexico, we remember and honor our deceased loved ones. It’s a celebratory and colorful holiday, full of flowers, food and music, we remember those who have passed on.

We visit cemeteries, decorate the graves, also we decorate our homes with altars to welcome the spirits.

The belief of Day of the Deaths, says that the spirits of children arrive on 1 November spend an entire day with their families and then leave. Adults come the day after on 2 November.

Did you know that Day of the Deaths celebration was recognized by UNESCO as part of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity in 2008?

This holiday is an excellent time to visit Mexico and the principal destinations, like Los Cabos and Cancun, you will be part of these special celebrations.

But how started this amazing tradition?

All the Pre-Hispanic cultures believed in the life after the death; and there was great emphasis on maintaining ties with deceased ancestors, who were believed to continue to exist on a different plane.

With the arrival of the Catholicism, All Souls’ and All Saints’ Day practices were incorporated into Pre-Hispanic beliefs and customs and the holiday came to be celebrated as we know it today.

What about the Offerings

The spirits are received with special foods that they enjoyed when they were alive.

It is believed that the spirits consume the essence and the aroma of the foods that are offered. When the spirits depart, the living consume the food and share it with their family and friends.

The offerings contain some special flowers named cempasuchil, (it is a hard name to pronounce even for the Mexicans) this is a beautiful flower with a brilliant yellow color and lend a special fragrance.

Another important element in the offering is the sugar skulls, this candy has the person’s name inscribed on the top, cannot miss the Dead bread, it is a special sugar bread made for the season.

You cannot miss the chance to visit Mexico in this time of the year.



5 things you didn´t know about #IMEX16

Posted by: rnunez on: October 15, 2016

Terramar Destinations is proud to be part of the biggest meeting event IMEX America, in Las Vegas. This going to be awesome!

Terramar Destinations has a lot to offer, our team is prepared to show all our incredible options. But, what it is IMEX? IMEX is the USA’s largest meetings industry trade show. Since 2011, attracts thousands of professionals from all over the world to share all they knowledge, experience and all they products.

Through the years IMEX have expanded to accommodate growing numbers of exhibitors, events, hosted buyers and attendees. This is the industry’s largest event, full of opportunities experiences and new ideas.

As a spectacular meeting have a lot of things to offer. Here de 5 things you didn´t know about. #IMEX16


1 Tech Zone

Technology is present. IMEX have designed a Tech Zone, exclusive area where you will find technology exhibitors offering the latest apps, gadgets and experiential innovations.

At the Technology Pavilion you will find:

2 TECHknowledge area

In this new era, the technology is always evolving and always exist something new. Is not easy keeping on avant-garde. IME aware of this, design a space The TECHknowledge Area where you will have a closer look at the latest apps, gadgets, tools and smart wearables.

3 Who is coming

Yes, it is IMEX the greatest meeting event, but, how many people will be present?. Here the numbers. Congratulation to all the people there a to those who will part of #IMEX16

3100 Exhibitors – 3000 Hosted buyers – 2000 Attendees

4 Imex App

This will be the perfect match for you. With this app you do not will lose a bit of IMEX. Everything you need to know about IMEX America is in this app.

Go to your mobile, and download the IMEX Group multi-event app. Enter You will be able to view and manage your personal booth schedule, add or remove appointments, capture information about your meetings and sessions.

Follow the Events, with the IMEX app you will see the full program by day, Know where to be and when to be there.

Also offers an instantly view a list of sessions and events currently in progress or commencing within the next two hours.

Check the Trade show map, where your favorite exhibitors are by using the interactive floor-plan.

5 Be well at Imex

The team of IMEX incorporates the ideology of wellbeing into your meeting and events. Look for the Be Well lounge, choose healthy food and drink from the outlets and exhibitors’ booths.

It has been a great summer for us at Terramar Destinations. Through the course of only one month we have been presented with two different certifications and we could not be prouder or happier for the recognition these organizations have awarded us.

First, we were awarded the “Accredited Destination Management Company” (ADMC) designation by the Association of Destination Management Executives International (ADMEI), which is not only one the most important destination management industry’s organizations at a global scale, it is also the premier resource for education, standards and practices within the DMC industry profession. Plus it is at the forefront of best practices for destination management. There are many benefits to gain for being part of such an important global organization including the establishment of a solid reputation within the international travel industry. And of course, certifications such as ADMC which allows companies to set themselves apart from the rest of the pack as the level of services offered are now at a top tier level.


Being labeled an ADMC essentially means you are now part of the highest quality destination management company service providers and that you have met and adhere to the certification standards set forth by the ADMEI. These standards are extensive but include things such as liability clauses, survey implementation and quality control programs, provide core DMC services and are members of their local Convention & Visitor’s Bureau as well as the Chamber of Commerce.


The second recognition we received this summer was from Special Events Magazine as one of the World’s Top 25 DMC’s. With a large online and print presence as well as a solid following within the event’s industry, they cover all aspects of event planning services, big or small. And for the past decade Special Events has published a well-researched list of the highest quality destination management service providers, which meet their internal & client quality standards across the globe.


For these amazing accomplishments we would like to thank our highly professional team headquartered in Los Cabos, Mexico and our team in Panama City, Panama. Their dedication and commitment has made these awards possible. Also a very warm thank you to both the Association of Destination Management Executives International and to Special Events Magazine. We will keep on working hard to ensure our place within your rankings. Many more to come!

The 2014 World Cup Cabo Style

Posted by: Terramar Destinations on: June 26, 2014

So, we are pretty much half way through the 2014 Brazil World Cup and the excitement is rising by the day. The first stage is over and it’s now on to the round of 16 where we will not be seeing soccer powerhouses Spain, England or Italy, which has come as a huge to shock to most fans and soccer professionals alike. However, we are glad to say that Mexico, along with the United States and most other countries from the Americas have made it through having many predicting the world’s most famous sport cup will be staying in America until 2018 when it’s Russia’s turn to host the event. 


As you might imagine, for Mexican’s, this is pretty much the most important sporting event in the world. Soccer or football as most of the world calls it is basically played religiously in Mexico, central and South America making the fan base for each countries team a whole country population affair. Thus, if you are visiting us in Cabo or Panama you will most likely not be able to escape the football fever and we would advise you to join in the festivities, as even if for instance Mexico were not to advance to the quarterfinals, the World Cup fever would still be present. Soccer is a part of life, part of our culture, even a healthy escape for the youth of some of these poverty stricken countries.  

b3435dd8779954effb000628581c551bOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

For this specific reason, we’ve decided to dedicate this entire blog to our personal recommendations on where to enjoy the games and have the most fun while watching them in sunny Cabo. Baja Cantina Beach Club right smacked in the middle of Medano Beach overlooking the Cabo San Lucas Bay and Los Cabos’ most famous landmark; the Arch. A perfect setting where you can eat and drink and have some fun in the water as well. Medano Beach is Cabo’s most energetic beach, boasting all sorts of water and beach activities, plus it’s a lovely swimming beach adept for both children and adults. Enjoy the game right on the sand and then get working on your tan and your beach activities.


Next on our list is a rustic beach side palapa restaurant in San Jose called Zipper’s. This little restaurant-bar is right on Cabo’s most prominent surf break overlooking the Bay of San Jose. It is also a hot spot for sporting aficionados as Zipper’s always has on the best NFL, soccer, baseball, you name it games on. Thus, many locals as well as tourists make their way to Zipper’s for a burger, beer and game. And if some in your party are not an avid a sports fan as you, a nice stroll down the beach watching the surfers is always a good idea.


Now let’s say you want to watch a game and have some of the most amazing seafood. We would highly consider going to Mocambo restaurant in downtown Cabo San Lucas. This restaurant offers Veracruz style seafood as well as local delicacies you will not regret trying. And what could be better than feasting on some of the most delicious Baja seafood while catching up on the world’s most famous sporting event? Kill two birds with one stone, as Mocambo should be a must on everyone’s list. 


Lastly, for a fancier, more luxurious World Cup experience we recommend Hacienda Cocina and Cantina in Cabo San Lucas. It is the popular restaurant of the Hacienda Beach Club & Residences on Medano Beach showcasing traditional Mexican dishes from all over Mexico. Plus they have got one of the best tequila and mescal collections in Cabo. Choose to wine and dine in the indoor restaurant, in the terraza al fresco or for a more laid-back ambience they also offer the very popular tables on the sand. There are many more places we recommend but the idea is not get bogged down with options and have the best ones on hand. Enjoy!

Cabo Activities that will motivate your Group Traveler’s

Posted by: Terramar Destinations on: May 30, 2014

The success of a convention, congress or incentive travel plan itinerary is dependent on many factors. Close to perfect logistics, infrastructure, the hiring of highly capable and organized meeting planners, specific schedules, among many other things. But in our opinion, one of the most important factors that play in to the level of success a convention will have is about activities. A program of attractive and appealing activities to the specific group will not only help motivate assistant’s but will create a long-lasting positive memory that will have them coming back again and again. Plus, if the convention is abroad, activities are endless and it is a great way for assistants to enjoy the chosen destination fully. Here are some fun activities that will for sure motivate your congress attendees.


Getting to know the cultural side of Los Cabos and Baja by exploring surrounding historical towns and learning about its cultural, historic and artistic heritage. Visit the quaint, rustic town of Todos Santos and the infamous Hotel California as folks travel back to a simpler time in Baja history. Experience the Magic of a town steeped in history as portrayed in many of the original features and architecture. Also why not discover the original folklore of the Historic District of San Jose del Cabo, which is now home to a thriving artistic community, along with the San Jose Mission and the delicious authentic Mexican and Mexican fusion gourmet restaurants.


We are in Cabo, so the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez will pop-up left and right and even center, literally. Kayaking, Stand up paddle boarding are always fun and great beach activities but Los Cabos but how about doing it at Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park and Reserve? An amazing way to experience the beauty of the Sea of Cortes all while getting to know other parts of Cabo. Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park is one of only three coastal reefs in North America and the only live coral reef in the Sea of Cortez. Its abundance of sea life, allows the park to be a member of the UNESCO World Heritage List.


Meander along the coast and through the edge of the Sierra de la Laguna mountain range on a scenic one and a half hour drive that is well worth the trip. Arrive at Cabo Pulmo and experience one of the healthiest coral reefs in the world. Kayak across the tranquil and secluded bays of the East Cape to one of the most stunning and remote coves in the park. Paddle gently along the pristine coastline of the marine sanctuary and submerge yourself snorkeling in the ocean that Jacques Cousteau proclaimed to be “the aquarium of the world”.


There is a lot more where this came from. This is just a snippet of why Los Cabos is the best destination to hold your convention or THE place to plan that corporate incentive travel trip you have been postponing. Visit our website for more information.

100 Years of The Panama Canal

Posted by: Terramar Destinations on: May 14, 2014


The official countdown began at the beginning of the current year. On August 15th 2014 The Panama Canal will be celebrating it’s 100th birthday along with a century of paving the way for modern trade, uniting the world and the celebrations will be nothing short of spectacular. In fact, the celebratory events began since January, but one thing is for sure; the Panamanian’s will surely save the best for last.  


The International waterway and the world’s most important trade route is 48 miles 0r 77 kilometers long and connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific via de the Caribbean Sea. An artificial lake, which lies 85 ft. above sea level, was created in order to reduce the amount of excavation with locks on both ends to lift and lower ships. This all began in 1881 by the French who had already succeeded in building the Suez Canal at the command of Ferdinand de Lesseps and was the chosen man to build the most important maritime trade route in modern history. Unfortunately, due to lack of due-diligence in terms of climate, geography, and health risks, the French were plagued with financial and health difficulties which led them to abandon the project 8 years after they had begun. The United States saw the opportunity to take over as they too were looking to establish more effective trade commerce. In 1903 The Hay-Herran Treaty was signed by both the United States and Panama, which gave the U.S. the power to finish the construction and indefinitely administer the canal. Ten years and 50,000 people later the Panama Canal was officially completed & inaugurated on August 15th 1914. The SS Ancon was an American steamship that became the first ship to officially transit the Panama Canal on the day of its inauguration.   


All throughout the 2oth century, The United States was involved in several conformations with the newly established Panamanian state. It wasn’t until 1977 that the Torrijos-Carter Treaties were signed that led to the transition process that eventually culminated on December 31st 1999 when Panama took over complete control of the canal and the adjacent lands. 

Today, the canal operates 24 hours a day and more than 15,000 vessels transit the canal each year paying tolls of up to $317 dollars. From cruise ships, to cargo ships and oils and gas transports, to individual boats, the canal is the gateway between two worlds. Construction of a set of new locks began in 2006, which will allow for a third transit lane intended for larger ships. Following up on demand for more international trade due to increasing globalization.


The country of Panama is today a dollar-based economy resting on a well-developed services sector, which includes the canal and accounts for 80% of its GDP. There is absolutely no doubt that the country has become such a mecca for international investment and tourism thanks to the canal and its modern business practices. The booming economy, world logistics center and natural habitat have made Panama one of the most desirable places to visit. One only needs to visit Panama City once to realize why it is at the top of everyone’s list. It is also thanks to the canals importance that Panama has become a tourism haven as well. The new Panama Convention Center, on the banks of the Panama Canal is set to be completed by the beginning of 2015. There is not a reason in the world why you shouldn’t visit Panama, especially with Terramar Destinations.


Tianguis Turistico Mexico 2014

Posted by: Terramar Destinations on: April 23, 2014





The 39th installment of Mexico’s most important travel trade show will be held in the Mexican Caribbean state of Quintana Roo May 6th through the 9th. Home to Cancun, the Mayan Riviera, Cozumel and Playa del Carmen, this jewel of the Mexican Caribbean is a perfect meeting place for buyers and sellers alike. Boasting over 32,000 hotel rooms over a 28-kilometer stretch of white sandy beaches and offering countless activities, the 2014 Tianguis will surely be a terrific success.


The Tianguis Turistico was created in Acapulco in 1975, the golden age,  and aimed to position Acapulco as well as Mexico as a premium destination for international travelers by focusing on the Acapulco Tourism Fair. Since then, the Tianguis has evolved and grown to become Mexico’s most important international tourism event, showcasing every aspect and destination of Mexico’s tourism economy and is today organized by the National Tourism Ministry and Mexico’s Tourism Board. It wasn’t until 2012 that the Tianguis was held in another city other than Acapulco. Just recently did President Pena Nieto decree that the Tianguis would return to Acapulco in 2015, but would rotate host city every two years.


It is the chance for travel industry professionals to meet with hundreds of Mexico tourism service providers focused on promoting and selling Mexico as a world-class destination. The venue is the same that the U.N deemed appropriate for the 2011 United National Global Warming Conference. The Lakam Center in Cancun, with an exposition area of 20,000 square meters will be the main conference center for the 3 day event, with other smaller social events taking place in some of the area hotels. And there is already good news. The Ministry of Tourism says this year’s Tianguis will exceed expectations. To date, there are 737 registered buyer companies, almost 100 more than at last year’s Tinaguis in Puebla. Fifty-nine countries are confirmed to attend when the objective was 43. Among them are new additions Slovenia, Vietnam, Romania and Iceland.


Furthermore, it is expected that over 8,000 visitors will be attending the Tinaguis in Quintana Roo who are estimated to leave an economic spill of over 12 million dollars over the 3-day period. Mexico’s touristic diversity will be on full display exhibiting all of our most desirable products; sun, beaches, culture, luxury travel, business and adventure among others. The state of Baja California Sur, Los Cabos and of course yours truly, Terramar Destinations will be present and actively participating. We’ll see you there!


Spring Break in Cabo

Posted by: Terramar Destinations on: April 9, 2014





This year, we weren’t short of events and activities to ring in spring and Summer time in Los Cabos. From the traditional San Jose del Cabo annual festivities commemorating the towns establishment, to an International marathon and the first ever Los Cabos Green Fest, not to mention all of the activity that comes with the start of Spring Break. But the icing on the cake was without a doubt the 2nd annual Ford Ironman Los Cabos which we are proud to say we were a part of by sponsoring an amazing local athlete who you can learn more about of by reading one of our recent blog posts.

Miriam Ramirez, our Terramar and sister tour company, Baja Outback sponsored athlete finished 373rd out of 871 participants with a time of 12 hrs 50 min & 34 sec! An awesome accomplishment for a non-professional athlete competing in her second Ironman. Who would have thought that two years ago she taught herself how to swim, 6 months before the 1st installment of the Cabo Ironman. This year the victor was the Argentinian born Daniel Fontana competing under his Italian citizenship with a time of 8 hrs 26 min and 15 seconds. Congratulation to all the athletes and can’t wait for next year’s competition, which will be held October 25th! Fantastic way to ring in Autumn and Winter with one of the most important International sporting events in the world and with the Bisbee’s Black & Blue, the largest Fishing Tournament in the world.

Los Cabos Ironman

The other great event that took place this past month in Cabo was the Los Cabos Green Fest. A great initiative from a well-known young entrepreneur, Alex Vidal, who invited us to actively participate in this groundbreaking, one-of-a-kind festival. A green festival because 100% of the energy needed to power all of the events over the course of 3 days was generated by people peddling stationary bikes! Provided by Pedal Power, a new and unique form of sustainability. Three days of parties, concerts and beach activities where we are proud to share that Baja Outback participated. Kayak and SUP Cabo fun!

Cabo Green Fest

Los Cabos Green Fest

Baja Outback

Now on to Mexican Spring Break which officially starts this Friday and brings even more activity to Southern Baja. A good prep for Summer time. There is always something interesting going on in Los Cabos. A dynamic and pleasantly surprising destination.